Studying GCSE or A Level film studies?

Everything you need to know about the BBFC in one place. 

We’ve been classifying content in the UK for over 100 years so we’ve got real experience in this field. We keep up to date with what people across the UK think through regular consultation and research, and we work closely with customers across media, film and technology so we’re up to date with new developments that might affect how children and young people access and view content.

We can provide you with thoughtful and thought provoking resources and material to help you study for your GCSEs and A levels.

We have detailed case studies written by compliance officers about films that feature on the GCSE and A level Curriculum, and you can also check out our podcast which talk in depth about landmark classification decisions, and feature special guests. 

You can also read more about our history and find out about the legislation that governs films and media regulation.