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BBFC Podcast episode 113 - Henning Wehn exclusive takeover

Comedian Henning Wehn joins David Austin OBE to discuss new BBFC ratings’ feature in an exclusive podcast takeover episode.

BBFC Podcast episode 112 - BBFC Youth Panel's Haunted Halloween Takeover

In this episode, our BBFC Youth Panel chat about scary movie moments that frightened them the most when they were young. From Toy Story 3 to Coraline, find out what family films from the noughties kept Gen Z up at night.

BBFC Podcast episode 111 - In Conversation With Col Needham From IMDb

In this episode, we speak to Col Needham, the CEO of IMDb, about the origins and evolution of the much-loved Internet Movie Database website, most commonly known as IMDb.

BBFC Podcast episode 110 - Dark Superhero Films

In this episode, we talk about the shifting tone of superhero films and shine a light on the darker side of the Marvel, Sony Pictures' Universe of Marvel and DC Comics universes.

BBFC Podcast episode 109 - Discrimination research 2021

We take a deep dive into our latest research findings on racism and discrimination, and talk about the tangible changes we are taking when it comes to classifying these issues

BBFC Podcast Episode 108 - In Conversation With Prano Bailey-Bond

In this episode, we speak to director Prano Bailey-Bond about her debut feature film Censor, its inspiration & the 'video nasties' era.