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We publish regular themed podcasts offering an insider’s view of our work. Each podcast features guest interviews, discussion of BBFC age rating decisions, challenging titles and classification issues. Tune in to our latest podcast or browse our podcast archive to listen again.

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BBFC Podcast episode 109 - Discrimination research 2021

We take a deep dive into our latest research findings on racism and discrimination, and talk about the tangible changes we are taking when it comes to classifying these issues

BBFC Podcast Episode 108 - In Conversation With Prano Bailey-Bond

In this episode, we speak to director Prano Bailey-Bond about her debut feature film Censor, its inspiration & the 'video nasties' era.

BBFC Podcast Episode 107 - Welcome Back to the Movies

In this episode, we celebrate the return of cinema in England, Scotland & Wales and discuss Cruella, Peter Rabbit 2, Godzilla Vs. Kong and Nomadland.

BBFC Podcast Episode 106 - Celebrating Women at the BBFC for International Women's Day

This International Women's Day we're celebrating all the talented and wonderful women who work at the BBFC. In this podcast, you can learn more about the inner workings of the BBFC and hear all about how women keep the wheels turning.

BBFC Podcast Episode 105 - 2020 in Review

In the last episode of 2020, we're joined by our Chief Executive David Austin as we take a look back on a year of film. We talk about some of the biggest releases, streaming platforms and the impact of COVID on the industry.

BBFC Podcast Episode 104 - Films to watch this Diwali with the BBC's Ashanti Omkar FRSA

As part of our Indian cinema and Bollywood takeover week, we've invited the BBC’s Ashanti Omkar FRSA to talk to us all about films that families can watch this Diwali.