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EE Strict - Q&A

The EE Strict Classification Framework is based on the BBFC’s Classification Guidelines for PG which are the result of regular large scale public consultation as well as UK Law, including as it relates to age restricted products and services, and credible media effects research.

The EE Strict Classification Framework is a living document which adapts to reflect evolving public attitudes and societal concerns.

The BBFC’s adult Classification Framework covers most relevant questions here. This Q&A specifically relates to the EE Strict Classification Framework. 

Q: How will the EE Strict Classification Framework be used?

A: The Classification Framework applies across a broad range of content accessible on the EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile networks.

For Commercial Content, the Classification Framework will be applied to the following categories:

  • Still pictures
  • Video and audio/video material
  • Mobile (including java based) games

The EE Strict Classification Framework will also be used to calibrate the internet filters used by EE The Framework defines content which meets the BBFC’s PG Guidelines and is therefore suitable for those under 12. 

More information can be found here. 

Q: What about age restricted goods?

A: It is the retailer’s responsibility to utilise effective age verification systems when it comes to supplying customers with age restricted goods or services, and the relevant local Trading Standards service is responsible for the enforcement of this consumer related legislation. It is the Content Provider’s responsibility to ensure that none of the content subject to the Classification Framework contains any illegal material. 

Further information can be found here.

Additional categories of content are filtered in accordance with EE’s editorial policies 

for the ‘Strict’ level, for the protection of young children for whom the category in of itself may be unsuitable.  These include tobacco, alcohol, gambling, dating, plagiarism, file sharing and chat.


Q: How do I block unsuitable content for my under 12 year old?

A: To apply the Strict setting on your child’s EE device just text the word Strict to 879 on your child’s device. (On T-Mobile it’s the same text Strict to 879 and on Orange text the word Safeguard to 150 from your child’s device).

More information about changing your parental control settings here.


Q: What if a content provider is unsure whether their material is suitable for those aged 12 and over only?

A: We offer a free advice service to EE and commercial content providers for borderline cases, in relation to the Strict Classification Framework. 

More information is available here.


Q: What kind of content is deemed by the BBFC as not suitable for those aged under 12?

A: The kind of content that may typically be rated 12 by the BBFC at the cinema or on video includes moderate or strong language, moderate or strong violence, and / or nudity in a sexual context. Please refer to the EE Strict Classification Framework page for more information.


Q: Where can I read more about the BBFC’s PG Guidelines?

A: You can access the Guidelines here


Q: What do I do if I see content which I think should be behind access controls or filters, or has been placed behind filters unnecessarily?

A: In the first instance please contact EE at If the issue remains unresolved, appellants can contact the BBFC for adjudication. 

Further details are available here


Q: Is there a link to an online complaints form?

A: Complaints can be made here.

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