Mobile Content

In July 2013, UK mobile network operators appointed the BBFC to provide the classification framework they use to self-regulate commercial website content accessed via mobile internet networks.

The BBFC Mobile Classification Framework enables mobile operators to restrict access to commercial content that is unsuitable for people under the age of 18.

It is applied by the mobile networks to restrict access by children using mobile internet services to any website that would be classified 18 under the framework. We review any websites that tell us they are being over-blocked by a network or any websites still available to children that we are told should be behind filters.

The Mobile Classification Framework is a living document that we update regularly to reflect evolving public attitudes and societal concerns identified through our research.

This self-regulatory partnership between the mobile operators and the BBFC brings trusted, transparent and consistent BBFC standards to bear on mobile content, protecting children by restricting adult content to adults only.