A free, two tier appeals procedure operates under the Classification Framework.

It is open to any website owner, content provider, consumer or any other person who has an interest in the material, who is dissatisfied with the application of the Classification Framework given by the BBFC in respect of a piece of content. An appeal may only relate to whether or not the BBFC considers the content in question suitable only for adults, and is applicable for access via mobile networks only (not wi-fi).

Stage One

In the first instance, the appellant should contact the appropriate Operator, which will consider the issue. This process will take no more than five working days.

Contact details can be found here.

Stage Two

If this first stage does not resolve the issue, the appellant may then contact the BBFC for an adjudication.

The appeal to the BBFC will normally take no more than five working days.

Please note that an appeal involves looking at the issues afresh. This means that the outcome could, in some circumstances, be more restrictive than the original advice.

Although the appeal is limited as to whether or not a piece of content should be behind access controls or internet filters, the BBFC may advise, if appropriate, on:

  • how the content may be changed to remove the necessity for access controls or internet filters;
  • whether in the view of the BBFC the content, or part of it, is potentially illegal under UK law.

On receipt of a valid written appeal request, the BBFC will ensure that the work, or the relevant parts of the work, is viewed by the BBFC Mobile Content Appeals Committee, made up of senior members of the BBFC.  (Normally this will include the Chief Executive, the Policy Director and a Compliance Manager) 

The BBFC will consider any written representations made by the appellant or any other interested party.

The BBFC will communicate the outcome of the appeal to the appellant, the Operator and such other interested parties as the BBFC considers appropriate within 5 Working Days, provided there is no need to seek views from legal and / or other external advisers, in which case such views will be sought and considered as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Stage Two appeal decisions are final. 

The BBFC will investigate complaints if these cannot be resolved by your mobile phone operator.

You must first contact your mobile phone operator with your complaint.

Contact details can be found here.

If your complaint has not been resolved please fill in the below form and the BBFC will investigate.

We collect some personal information when you fill in this form.  You can read about why we do this here.

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