Online Music Videos

To help parents and children choose the most appropriate music videos, the BBFC is working with key players in the industry to classify online videos and give them voluntary age ratings.

Sony Music UK, Universal Music UK and Warner Music UK have agreed to submit any music videos that they think might be unsuitable for children under 12 to the BBFC for classification. 

This agreement covers all new release music videos made available online by artists signed to their UK labels

We classify the videos with the appropriate age rating, based on our published guidelines, which are displayed in the content information when published on YouTube.

Some British artists are signed to US record labels and their videos are not currently sent to us for classifying. You can search our website for all music videos currently given a BBFC age rating.

The kinds of issues the BBFC considers in classifying music videos include bad language, dangerous behaviour presented as safe, drug misuse, sexual behaviour and nudity, and threatening behaviour and violence.