We do large-scale research projects to understand what matters to people from communities and age groups across the country. We ask people across the UK about what they think is and isn’t safe or helpful for young people’s wellbeing and healthy development. 

Take a look at our expert research on industry, media regulation, policy, classification and attitudes to age ratings. 

You can also download all our Classification Guidelines consultations and see how attitudes have shifted over the years. 

Guidelines consultations

Download all our guidelines consultations and understand how attitudes have shifted over the years.

Classification Guidelines Report 2019

We review our classification guidelines every four to five years, this research with families was carried out in 2018.

Classification Guidelines Report 2014

This BBFC classification guidelines report was carried out in consultation with the public to reflect changing social attitudes towards media.

Classification Guidelines Report 2009

This is a major consultation exercise to ensure that the criteria we use to classify material is in line with the expectations of the UK public.

Classification Guidelines Report 2005

To ensure that we stay in line with public opinion the BBFC carried out an extensive consultation exercise in 2004 resulting in a new set of Guidelines.

Classification Guidelines Report 2000

A report on the public consultation to help the BBFC keep in step with attitudes with respect to its classification cuidelines.

Parents and kids

We’re up to date and in tune with what children and families really think. We find out about what worries parents and children about things they see on-screen, how attitudes are changing, and how decisions are really made about what to watch.


We regularly conduct polls and research into peoples attitudes towards the media industry, streaming services, and age ratings and labeling.

Research on sexual and pornographic content

Some of our research documents contain graphic sexual content. You can request access to these documents by emailing us and requesting one or more of the following: 

  • Young People, Pornography and Age-verification (2020)

  • Filtering Glamour Content on Mobile Devices for Under 18 year olds (2015)

  • BBFC Expert Consultation - Violence and Abuse in R18 Sex Works (2007)

  • Research Into The Use Of Pornography (2006)