Using BBFC Age Ratings for Exhibitors

Under the Licensing Act in England and Wales, and equivalent legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland, cinemas in the UK enforce BBFC age ratings. 

This poster is designed for exhibitors to use to help remind people what each of the age ratings mean. It includes descriptions of each of the age rating categories for films: U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18. The poster also reminds cinema goers that all films come with detailed content advice which can be found on film posters, on our website and on our free app.

The poster is designed to be printed at A3 or A2 size and is available in portrait and landscape.

Using BBFC age ratings for advertising screenings

BBFC age ratings should only be used to advertise films classified by the BBFC. If a film is not classified, or is yet to receive an age rating when your screening schedule is published, the film must be marked as 'tbc'.

For further advice, and to download BBFC age ratings for print and online screening schedules, please email us.