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Use our app to find out the latest age ratings and ratings info for the content you're thinking of watching - so you can choose what's right for you and your family.

At the BBFC, our focus is on helping children and families choose well by providing them with the guidance they need to help them choose what’s right for them and avoid what’s not. 

With the huge growth in film, video and online content, and in how and where we can watch and use it, this is becoming more important than ever. Through our experience, regular consultations and research, we are careful to reflect the views of people right across the country. We understand what matters to families and apply this knowledge in setting our standards.

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Heading to see the latest blockbuster this week on the big screen? Discover showtimes at your local cinema. 

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View what’s right for you and your family by setting the parental lock and PIN. Looking for content suitable for your children? You can choose to display films and TV shows by U, PG or 12A age ratings.

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Tailor your app experience for you and your family so you can choose content well. Choose to display films and TV shows by age rating, and explore our search filters with a family friendly age lock. 

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We’ve modernised the app and given it a fresh look. Discover age ratings, ratings info and cinema showtimes at your fingertips.