Coronavirus has changed our daily lives, and in facing the current crisis parents are finding themselves faced with the task of homeschooling their children to keep them safely indoors.

To help teachers and parents during this difficult time, we have rounded up all our free educational resources, case studies and tools, which can help children to access fun, interesting and age-appropriate material. Our age ratings, content advice and resources can also help families more generally choose content well, and avoid potentially distressing material. 

We have designed a home learning activity webpage for secondary age learners, which features a short film about the BBFC and our work, a quiz and other activities. We think this will take about 45 minutes to an hour, so ideal for a whole lesson. 

Children and young people can have a go at being a BBFC compliance officer, and rate a trailer themselves. Using our guidelines, children need to think critically about the content in the trailers, consider the audience, and can compare their answer with the actual age rating and content advice. 

Check out a round up of case studies, which suggests films to watch and each gives insight into the classification process, as well as suggested discussion points so that parents can help their children begin to think critically about film. 

If you're a parent or teacher to a primary-aged child, check out cbbfc our sister site aimed at helping younger children learn more about film classification and the BBFC. We have lots of free home learning resources aimed at KS1 and KS2 learners