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Interview Requests and Student Questions

Sometimes students studying the BBFC or film/censorship/regulation/media have questions they would like to ask a member of BBFC staff. Most of the common questions we are asked are replicated in our Student Guide, Case Studies and other Education Resources.

Occasionally students at degree level or higher have more focussed questions they would like to explore, or specific films, decisions and eras they want to discuss in more detail.

If you would like to request an interview with BBFC staff for your studies, or to ask a question about classification, please fill in the form below. Please bear in mind that we get a high volume of requests and though we will endeavour to honour them all, we have limited resources so may not be able to organise for you to film or record staff, or fulfil interviews at short notice. It is unlikely we will be able to take part in recorded or filmed interviews for students.

We don’t have the resources to duplicate information already available on this website, so please make sure you have read the Student FAQs and searched the other resources before submitting any additional questions.

If your entire class or study group has been asked to request interviews or ask us questions, please work together so that we can make sure our resources are used fairly or ask your tutor or teacher to contact us here.

If you are a member of the press or creating a documentary, broadcast or article for a purpose other than an education project please contact our Press & PR department directly.

Note: any filmed interviews must be cleared by our Press & PR department, and cannot be placed on public or online forums eg YouTube without prior permission