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Education news

Here you can read news from our Education Team and partners, plus articles written by BBFC staff. Like our case studies, our articles focus on key issues, films, initiatives and historical moments. They offer insight into how the BBFC responded to different events and changes in the film and media landscape.



Political & Religious Issues: A South Asian Perspective


Films and videos that contain politically sensitive material or inflammatory references to religion that may cause problems within or between different communities in the UK may either be subjected to cuts or moved up the category scale or even, in very rare cases, be rejected.

Batman. We Rate Him.


The Batman franchise was given a boost in 2006 with a prequel directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia). As with all would-be blockbusters, the classification awarded it by the BBFC plays a significant part in the film’s success at the Box Office in the UK. The film was submitted with a...