Published: 22nd June 2021

BBFC Media Centre

Whether you’re looking for an expert comment, background information, or a quote on a breaking story or new research - we are here to help you.

We've been classifying film in the UK for over 100 years and video for over 30 years so we've got a lot of experience to draw on. We have in-house expertise on everything from the rise in streaming services and screen time, to protecting children online, and the landscape
of media consumption.

We can also provide a range of assets to enhance your articles and web pages – we’re happy to give you access to our logos, age ratings symbols, a range of stock images and videos. 

BBFC logos

Download a range of high quality BBFC logos on transparent backgrounds, and in both black and white. 

Free to download and use images

We know that finding an accompanying image for a multimedia article can be tricky. You can download a range of high quality images, which also include our age rating symbols and shapes – so please do feel free to use them wherever you might need. If you need a higher resolution for a print article, then please get in touch. 

Images with BBFC age rating symbols

Images with BBFC shapes

BBFC age rating symbols

BBFC age ratings are under copyright and should only be used against film, video or online content classified by the BBFC. However, if you are a journalist and would like to use the symbols in an article, or on a page layout, then we will happily grant you permission to do this – please just get in touch with the Communications Team. If you have any questions about how the symbols should be used, then please do get in touch. 

Our brand film

Do you want to include a short explainer film about the role of the BBFC? You can download our brand film, and even embed it onto your own site. 

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Visiting our archives

For media requests regarding access to our archive files please include a list of the film titles you would like to research, along with their release dates. This helps us find the relevant documents for you. If you are able to provide details about your research, or reasons for your enquiry this is also helpful to us.

We will check the availability of each file and contact you to arrange an appointment for you to view the records at the BBFC. We are not able to undertake any research into the contents of files on behalf of the media.

About the BBFC

Are you looking for some boiler plate copy that describes our work? Please feel free to use the following text: 

Independent and not-for-profit, the BBFC is here to help everyone in the UK – especially children and families - choose age-appropriate films, videos and websites, wherever and however they watch or use them. With over 100 years’ experience, we regularly consult people across the UK to listen to what they say, think and feel about what’s appropriate for children of all ages to watch. And the services we offer are continually evolving. Now, as well as classifying films released in UK cinemas and on DVD and Blu-ray, we’re providing age-ratings for Video On Demand and music videos online, and helping mobile phone operators set parental controls at the right level.