Published: 8th March 2021

BBFC Podcast celebrates women at the organisation to mark International Women’s Day

  • Nearly 90 years on from the appointment of the first female Examiner, the BBFC podcast celebrates the role of women at the organisation

  • Half of the BBFC’s Leadership Team and Non Executive Directors are women, and 50% of the Compliance Team. 

  • Hear from women across a wide variety of areas of the organisation; Compliance; Education; Marketing and Communications; Finance; Leadership Team; and Non Executive Directors 

To mark International Women’s Day, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has released a podcast celebrating the role of women at the organisation. 

Marking nearly 90 years since the first female Examiner walked through the doors of the BBFC in 1932, the podcast highlights the work of women from across the organisation, featuring interviews with Compliance, Education, Marketing and Communications, Finance, the Leadership Team and Non Executive Directors. 

Half of the BBFC Leadership Team are women, and more than half of the Non Executive Directors. Women also make up 50% of the Compliance Team, and the team is jointly managed by a woman. Compared to statistics released by the Guardian in 2020, only 20% of roles behind the camera in the top grossing 100 films were filled by women, with men outnumbering them four to one.

Murphy Cobbing, Vice President of the BBFC and Gloria De Piero, BBFC Board member, are both interviewed and share their advice for young women trying to break into the media and film industry. 

Murphy Cobbing, BBFC Vice Chair, said: “This International Women’s Day we’re proud to be amplifying the voices of women at the BBFC, and our latest podcast episode is very much a celebration of the vital work they carry out every day. 

“Listeners can hear from women across the whole organisation in a variety of roles, who all give an insight into different jobs that are integral to keeping the cogs of the BBFC turning. We know it can be challenging for women to break into the film industry, and so we hope that some younger listeners take away useful advice from our staff.”

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Soundcloud and the BBFC website.