What to talk to your kids about after watching Wonder Woman 1984

Are you planning on watching Wonder Woman 1984 with your kids? Here's the age rating, information about what's in the film, and some ideas for topics to talk about once the credits roll.

Threat and horror

A drunken man is threatening toward a lone woman in a park at night. Later, he cowers at her feet as she beats him. A robber dangles his child hostage from a height, threatening to drop it. A gang of warriors, armed with swords and daggers, surround an Amazon and hack at her armour There is threat of nuclear conflict.


There are fight sequences in which blades, guns and fists are used, occasionally with bloody aftermath detail. There is a brief scene of domestic abuse in which a man slaps his wife and shouts at her aggressively.

Other issues include mild sex references and discrimination. There is use of mild bad language ('bitch', 'bastard', 'shit'), as well as milder terms such as 'God', 'hell' and 'damn'. There is a brief visual reference to the Holocaust.

Topics to talk to your kids about after watching Wonder Woman 1984:

  • Did you enjoy the film? How did it make you feel? Were there any bits of the story that you didn’t like? Did you learn anything, if so what? 

  • Do you agree with the BBFC age rating? Would you add or remove anything? Is it helpful to know about what is in a film before you watch it?

  • What makes Diana a role model - and how do you think she inspires girls and children in the real world? What qualities does she have that makes her a superhero? Can you think of any other female superheroes?

  • What do you think of the fight scenes in the film - do you think the fact that the violence is very stylised detracts from the impact? What would the film be like if the fight scenes were more realistic? Does Dianna being a superhero set any expectations about the violence in this film?

  • How is Wonder Woman different to other male superheroes, like Batman or Superman? How is she the same? 

  • Have you seen the first Wonder Woman film? How is this film different? Do you think seeing the first films sets your expectations for this film - and if so, what are they? How does this film live up to expectations? How does it differ? 

  • Wonder Woman 84 is set in the 1980s. Apart from the fashion, what are the main differences you can spot compared to the time we live in now? Do you think it is better to live in the 1980s, or in the 2020s? Why? What progress can you see today compared to what is shown in the film?

  • The first Wonder Woman comic was published in 1941. Why do you think it took so long for her to get her own film? What bits of the film did you think were different to other superhero films, and what bits were the same? 

  • Diana is a very empathic character. Why do you think this is? What impact does she have on other characters in the film? How does she turn them around to her way of thinking? 

  • If you had a superhero power, what would it be and why?