Published: 5th February 2021

Six films to help young people learn about online safety

This Safer Internet Day we've partnered up with our friends at FindAnyFilm to bring you a list of films that deal with navigating the internet safely and spotting deceptions online.

Once you’ve settled on which film you’d like to watch to mark Safer Internet Day, head over to FindAnyFilm to see all of the places you can buy or stream it from.

Ralph Breaks The Internet

mild threat, rude humour

Ralph Breaks The Internet is an animation in which two friends enter the internet to find a part to fix a game.


Characters are threatened by a virus which chases them. A scary creature groans and growls at the heroes. There are also some mildly tense car chases and a scene in which a dog growls threateningly at characters.


An advert makes references to 'sassy housewives wanting to meet you'. There is also comic wordplay about lingerie, and various jokes about burping.

Very mild bad language includes uses of the following: 'butt', 'holy cow' and 'damn'.


Contains mild fantasy violence and infrequent mild language

Tron is a US sci-fi adventure film about a computer hacker who is abducted into a digital world and forced to participate in a series of gladiatorial games.


There are mild action sequences featuring laser blasts and explosions, but these are all undetailed and do not result in any injury detail. Electronic characters are seen being deleted, with some focus on their pained faces.


There is uses of mild bad language such as 'damn', 'bugger' and 'hell'.

The Social Network

Contains infrequent strong language and drug use

The Social Network is a drama based on the true story of the creation of the social networking website Facebook.


There is infrequent use of strong language ('f**k') and milder terms including 'bitch', 'shit' and 'asshole'.


During party scenes there is some undetailed cannabis use and a brief sequence implying that characters are snorting cocaine. The police then arrive and the users are arrested, and the work as a whole does not promote or endorse drugs misuse.

Ready Player One

moderate violence, horror, infrequent strong language

Ready Player One is a US science fiction drama in which a gamer and his friends race against a sinister corporation to take control of a virtual world by finding secrets hidden within it.


Most of the violence is between players in a virtual reality world where wounds are fantastical and participants cannot be seriously harmed. There are battle sequences, stabbings, shootings and martial arts style combat. In the real world, there is hand-to-hand violence, without sight of injury. A man punches the face of his girlfriend's teenage son.


In the safety of the virtual reality world, the friends encounter characters and settings from real world horror films. They enter a simulation of THE SHINING where they are threatened by ghosts, zombies and gigantic axes and where a player is swept away on a torrent of blood. Freddy Krueger and a Chucky doll, armed with a knife, both fight in battle sequences. Players are chased by King Kong and a T. rex.


There is infrequent strong language ('f**k'), together with milder terms such as 'pissing', 'shit', 'balls', 'dickweed', 'damn', 'brokeass', 'goddam', 'hell', 'God', 'asshole', 'pissed', 'badass' and 'douchebag'.

There are mild sex references: a villain jokes about the 'hos' of Father Christmas; a player rubs her hands over another's touch-sensitive body suit.

Eighth Grade

strong language, sex references

Eighth Grade is a US drama in which a young teenage girl endures her final week at middle school before leaving to start high school.


There is strong language ('f**k'), as well as milder terms (for example, 'dick', 'shit', 'goddamn', 'God', 'Jesus Christ').


There is a scene in which a web search shows a woman explaining a sexual technique, accompanied by strong sex references.

There is also a scene in which a young teenage girl suffers a panic attack, as well as one in which an older teenage boy tries to pressurise a younger teenage girl into having sex; however, she does not agree to this.

Ingrid Goes West

very strong language, drug misuse, suicide references

Ingrid Goes West is a US comedy drama in which an unbalanced social media stalker moves to Los Angeles and worms herself into the life of an Instagram star.


There is infrequent strong language ('c**t') and strong language ('motherf**ker' and 'f**k').


The film includes portrayals of cocaine snorting. There are also several verbal drug references.


There are infrequent references to suicide and in one scene a woman takes an overdose of prescription medication.

Other issues include moderate sex references.