Key Stage 4 PSHE Resource

We’ve created two free PSHE lessons for teachers to use with their Key Stage 4 students

Accredited by the PSHE Association, these lessons support pupils to explore the impact film and media content can have on mental health and the importance of making healthy viewing choices.

Learning objectives include:

  • To learn about the factors that can affect viewing choices and the influence film can have on attitudes, perceptions and emotions

  • To learn about how media content can affect wellbeing and how on-screen representations of mental health affect people’s perceptions

Our lesson plans also support teachers to meet the Department for Education’s statutory guidance for Relationships and Health education in the following areas:

Health education

Topic: Mental wellbeing

  • How to critically evaluate when something they do or are involved in has a positive or negative effect on their own or others’ mental health.

Relationships and sex education

Topic: Respectful relationships

  • How stereotypes, in particular stereotypes based on sex, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, can cause damage (e.g. how they might normalise non-consensual behaviour or encourage prejudice).

Topic: Online and media

  • The impact of viewing harmful content.

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KS4 PSHE Resource