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Remember to consider the fact that our broader policy is to rate content slightly more cautiously when it occurs in trailer contexts, rather than feature films. This is because of the unbidden nature in which trailers typically present to audiences.


In our latest Guidelines research, young people, including teenagers, told us that they wanted us to be a bit more cautious when rating films that deal with ‘real-world’ issues such as climate change disasters, terrorism or abduction. When rating the trailer for Gerard Butler’s latest disaster epic, Greenland, we had to consider to what extent the trailer is likely to play into credible fears and anxieties that young people and children may have, and how much this broader contextual factor should impact on the trailer’s rating. 

You'll need to think about this when watching the trailer for Greenland. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide how strong the tone and intensity of the trailer is and what impact this is likely to have on younger audiences watching it.

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