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When we’re assessing what impact the tone of this trailer may have on audiences, especially children, we need to take into account how familiar they will be with the character, but also whether the trailer is presented in a way that is likely to challenge audience, particularly parental, expectations.


Disney's trailer for Cruella introduces audiences to the early life of the eponymous Ms. De Vil. Although Cruella is one of Disney’s most iconic villains, audiences have never seen her presented in the way that she is in this new trailer before.

Tone is always a challenging classification issue, especially in trailers where we tend to be a bit more cautious. However, general considerations we always make when it comes to assessing tone is to what extent the material presents a disturbing or unsettling world view, and whether the material is likely to cause anxiety or upset in a viewer. When it comes to our lower age ratings, we’re especially concerned with how younger audiences may react. With this is mind, how would you rate the trailer?

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