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Although the tone of the Black Widow trailer may be different to other Marvel films, Natasha Romanov is still a well-known character who will be familiar to audiences. Think about whether this is likely to make audiences more accepting of the violence.


Natasha Romanov is a superhero but she isn’t superhuman - she relies on years of martial arts and combat training to go toe to toe with some of the strongest and most evil supervillains in the galaxy.

In the new trailer for Black Widow, there is a nod to the fantasy leanings of the wider Marvel franchise but the emphasis is very much on a grittier style of action and violence that veers away from the clearer fantasy elements of other Marvel movies. Given that fantasy contexts often reduce the impact of violence we see on screen, when rating this trailer, we have to consider whether the violence is sufficiently undetailed or lacking in ‘real world’ credibility to challenge our guidelines at the lower age ratings. In what ways do you think these issues impact the rating of the trailer? Think about them as you watch.

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