Lightsabers at the ready... the BBFC's Star Wars Quiz!

Lightsabers at the ready... The BBFC's Star Wars Quiz!

Do you have what it takes to be ruler of the galaxy? Find out if you're more Emperor than Wookiee in our Star Wars classification quiz.

Question 1:

What was the original Star Wars film classified in 1977?

Question 2:

How many live-action Star Wars films are currently classified 12A?

Question 3:

To which Star Wars film is this BBFC examiner referring in their original theatrical report? "The company asked for, nay demanded, a 'U' and we felt that we could, on balance, accede to this though there were marginal incidents like the attack of the bear, the spooky interior of the beast into which the spaceship flies, the sight of [???]'s set, frozen face, and the bloodless lopping of [???]'s hand.”

Question 4:

What did the distributor choose to cut from Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones to achieve a PG classification for the film’s theatrical release?

Question 5:

To which Star Wars film is this BBFC examiner referring in their report for the film’s original theatrical submission? "Well, what can one say about the most eagerly awaited movie of all time? Mostly, there were no substantial classification issues, indeed the whole work sits at U, though at the top end of U. … The movie does have moments of intensity...and some moments of mild horror - MCU of ????'s body burning in cremation and ????’s body falling apart as it falls down a pit - but is readily contained at U."

Question 6:

True or False: Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi was the last film set in the Star Wars universe to be classified for theatrical release in the 1980s?

Question 7:

Which film from Star Wars creator George Lucas was reclassified from PG to 12A in 2017?

Question 8:

To which Star Wars film is this BBFC examiner referring (and mixing up an idiom) when the film came in for a 1997 reissue: “The original reports, both film and video, did raise concerns about the appropriateness of showing Skywalker being zapped by the Emperor...but to pass it ‘PG’ now is rather bolting the stable door once the horse has gone and, in any event, the overall ‘feel good’ tone of the movie is so overwhelmingly appealing to a broad audience of all ages that one would have to be very pedantic, and very brave, to deny youngsters the wealth of pleasures this film offers.”