Today it is perhaps one of the most recognisable films in the world, but in June 1977 BBFC examiners sat down to watch Star Wars with little idea of the film's destiny. The ingredients that would go on to capture the imagination of a generation of young cinemagoers are noted as “vastly entertaining” and “grand fun for all ages”, although one report mistakenly describes the film as being set "thousands of years in the future" despite the opening line of the film famously setting the stage as “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….'”. One examiner also remarks that “In the USA it is already outgrossing all other major films”, which would prove to be a major understatement.

There was some concern noted about the level of violence and one examiner points out that the film was awarded a PG by the MPAA in America. However the universal appeal and adventurous tone of Star Wars won the team over and the film was passed at U, a category decision that has remained unchanged for over thirty years.