Published: 6th May 2008

Update to BBFC major service improvements


The Board recently contacted its customers with details of various major service improvements, which were brought in alongside the newly designed DVD submission form for video features and trailers.

In order to ensure that your work is being processed as you intend, the Board will place a submission on hold if it has any queries regarding the way the form has been filled in. In particular, your attention is drawn to the text on page 2, which requires you to tick either the 'Classify all elements on disc' box or the 'Ignore unlisted elements' box, and then to list the relevant elements. If you tick both boxes, or neither box, it will delay the processing of your work while we seek clarification from you. (If your submission only contains one element, page 2 is irrelevant and need not be included with your submission.)

Improved Extranet and Website title displays

In response to feedback from customers that it would be handy for multiple works with the same title (e.g. episodes of TV series) to be displayed with additional information appearing next to the title, we have introduced a feature on the extranet and on our main website whereby such information appears in square brackets immediately after the title of the work. We had indicated in a previous notice that we would introduce this by 1 May, and you may have noticed the change over the past few days; we hope you are finding it useful. To help us to deliver this information to you, we have included 'Alternative title/Episode title', 'Series No.' and 'Episode No.' fields on the newly designed form and the information you enter in these fields will inform what we include within the square brackets. Please note that information within the square brackets does not form part of the classified title and therefore should not be used as part of the unique title on the disc art to satisfy the labelling regulations.

Ignore Unlisted Elements

If only certain elements on a submitted disc require classification they must be easily accessible, preferably through a menu. Such elements must be stand-alone, distinct items (e.g. 'making of' documentaries or deleted scenes). If it is not practicable to access the required element easily (e.g. if it is necessary to fast-forward through unlisted elements to reach the listed element) replacement copies will be required before a work can be processed. Additional viewing time will be added to works to allow examiners to navigate past elements such as logos and menus in order to reach the specified footage. Works will be invoiced as usual based on this viewing time.

If you have a query on any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact or in the first instance.