Published: 22nd October 2009

Update: Submission of theatrical works


I am emailing you with clarification as to how best to submit works to us for a theatrical certificate. We are anxious to help you avoid unnecessary delays to the processing of your work or incurring cancellation fees for submissions that fail to turn up on time. Our website contains all the information on how to submit a film or trailer for a theatrical certificate.

Please note in particular the following:

  1. From 2 November 2009, all media items we receive must contain only and exactly the feature film, short film or trailer to be examined. If a media item submitted for a theatrical certificate contains other material, such as a trailer before the start or in the middle of a film, we will put the work on hold and require you to submit replacement media items. This will incur a second handling charge and a further viewing charge.
  2. We require the media item(s), the payment and the submission form to be delivered by the time stated. It is your responsibility to check with us that all materials have arrived on time; the BBFC will not contact you to remind you to deliver your materials to us by the deadline. If you fail to meet the delivery deadline for either the media item(s), the payment or the submission form, your submission will lose its place in the schedule, which can result in a cancellation fee.
  3. KDMs and/or usernames for trailer links must be emailed to by 12pm on the working day before examination.
  4. All media items submitted for theatrical certificates must be addressed to:Projection British Board of Film Classification 3 Soho Square London W1D 3HD Please either send in the submission form with the media items or fax it to us on 020 7440 0291.
  5. We would like to reiterate that for advice viewings we accept all playable formats, on the basis that the service is designed to be used for works-in-progress.