Published: 9th November 2016

Pre-Booking Express – More Home Ent. Slots Available from Monday 14 November 2016


We are pleased to inform you that on Monday 14 November, we will launch a trial to expand our home entertainment Pre-Booking Express (PBE) service. The trial will accommodate more viewings and introduce a new service for last-minute PBE submissions.

Enhancements to the Existing PBE Service

During the trial period, we will offer an extra 180 minutes of PBE in each afternoon viewing session, providing more PBE slots for you to book. This expanded service will follow the same process, deadlines and fees as current PBE.

Introducing Premium PBE

We will also trial a new service, Premium PBE. This service offers an ideal solution for any last-minute submissions by providing 180 minutes of Premium PBE viewing each afternoon. A major benefit of Premium PBE over regular PBE is that Premium slots are only available for booking from 9am to 5pm one working day in advance of the viewing. This means that, subject to availability, you will always be able to submit your work with just one working day’s notice.

To qualify for Premium PBE, your work must be:

VRA or Watch & Rate for a full viewing,

  • non-contentious, linear material,
  • a maximum of 180 minutes' running time,
  • booked in the working day before the viewing, and
  • delivered and paid for by 9.30am on the day of the viewing.

Premium PBE Fees

Premium PBE offers you the chance to book later than ever before. As such, Premium PBE fees are 50% more than the standard fee, based on the running time rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. We will draw on additional fast-track resources to make these last-minute viewing slots available and provide you with a decision as quickly as possible after the viewing. This new service will not compromise our turnaround times for either our standard services or regular PBE submissions.

Please note, we will charge a withdrawal fee:

  • if you cancel the submission any time after we have confirmed the booking,
  • if you fail to pay by 9.30am on the day of the viewing, or
  • if you fail to deliver playable content to us by that time.

Premium PBE Booking Deadlines

You must make your Premium PBE booking on the extranet between 9am and 5pm the working day before viewing. You may also upgrade an existing submission to the Premium PBE service. Please contact the helpline to discuss availability. We will allocate all Premium PBE slots on a first-come, first-served basis. 

These services will be available from 14 November 2016 for an initial period of six months. If you have any queries, please contact the customer helpline or call 020 7440 0299 and we will be happy to help.