Published: 8th October 2008

BBFC To Supply Electronic Black Cards For Film Works


In response to customer demand; from 13th October 2008, the BBFC will provide the film 'black card' electronically.

Customers will benefit from increased efficiency as the image will be available almost instantly following category approval. Additionally, with the image being emailed, your transportation costs will be much reduced. The images will be generated at a resolution similar to that of Digital Cinema 4K to ensure excellent display quality. The image format will be Portable Network Graphic (PNG) to keep the file size manageable without losing any quality during compression. The electronic card will be the default delivery of the image unless otherwise indicated by the customer via ticking a box on the submission form (see attached). Ticking the box indicates the need for a paper version. However, please be aware that the BBFC is looking to phase the physical card out by July 1st 2009 and customers should start making provisions to receive the card electronically by that time. I should be grateful if you can raise any concerns at this point so that we are able to work on providing a solution at the earliest opportunity.  In testing we are grateful to Screen Opticals and Arts Alliance Media for their valuable input.