Published: 1st December 2011

BBFC Tariff Concession For Identical Video Versions of Theatrical Releases


The BBFC is committed to providing a cost-effective and efficient classification service to its customers. To that end, we are pleased to announce a concession in our tariff to identical Video feature versions of classified Theatrical feature works which were given a certificate on or after 1st December 2011, and under the current BBFC classification guidelines. Any work matching those criteria will receive a 25% reduction on the existing tariff. We hope you find this change useful, and if have any questions that do not appear in the short Q&A section below, please email us.


Does the reduction apply to DVD Audio Commentary/Audio Descriptive versions of the Theatrical work?

No, the Video version must be content-identical to the Theatrical release including the soundtrack to qualify for the discount.

Will the reduction be applied to a Video work if it has been submitted within a component work?

No, component works are invoiced under the normal tariff. Therefore to attain the discount the work must be submitted separately. The BBFC is willing to apply a further concession where technology allows for a digital comparison between the theatrical and video files. This comparison would not be possible if a component work was involved.

The theatrical version of the work was classified before 1st December 2011, will an identical video version qualify for the discount?

No, the commencement date is 1st December 2011 and it is not retrospective.

How will the discount be applied?

On submission, the Information Services team will research the work and link it to the existing Theatrical record. The examination will determine whether the Video is identical to the Theatrical work, and if so, the concession will apply.