Published: 22nd November 2017

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2018

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2018

BBFC fees will increase from 1 January 2018.

In 2015, having frozen fees for the previous seven years, and following consultation with the DCMS and industry, we introduced an annual fee formula of RPI minus 1% to ensure our long term income was on a sustainable footing. This sub-inflation formula also carried a built-in need to make annual cost savings in our business while still delivering an efficient service to industry.

In October 2017, the Office for National Statistics announced that September RPI was 3.9% which is higher than recent years. In light of this, and the fact BBFC fees have only increased by 2.3% over the last ten years, although we are keen to retain the RPI minus 1% formula going forward, for 2018, as a one-off good will offering to customers, we propose to deviate from the formula and clip the increase from 2.9% to 2%

We are therefore increasing the fees for our statutory services by 2%, as follows:

Theatrical submissions

£7.30 per minute and £104.57 submission fee

As Live submissions


Video Recordings Act submissions

£6.26 per minute and £78.30 submission fee

We will also change our tariffs for non-statutory work and for other services, as follows:

Watch & Rate submissions (for digital platform release)

£2.97 per minute and £25.50 submission fee

Licences for digital platforms

5,001 titles + = £4,488

1,001-5,000 titles = £2,244

251-1,000 titles = £1,122

101-250 titles = £561

1 to 100 titles = services must licence with us, but no fee is charged

Online music videos

£28.05 for first 5 minutes, thereafter remaining at £3.09 per minute

Distributor Change/Technical Comparison

£156.59 (or the per-minute fee for works under 25 mins.) and relevant submission fee

Advice viewings

£5.48 per minute and £78.30 submission fee

Script advice

£7.30 per page (minimum fee: £104.57)

Withdrawal fees for theatrical works

For standard film works (including all PBE and PPBE works) £204

For film trailers (PBE) £102

For film trailers (non PBE) £51

Withdrawal fees for video works

For PBE and PPBE works £204

For all other withdrawals £102

This sub-inflation increase enables us to continue to achieve our core objective of protecting children and empowering families by providing trusted and well-understood BBFC age ratings and content advice to enable them to make fully informed viewing decisions.

Please note, for home entertainment submissions, these fee increases will apply to all content delivered on or after 1 January 2018. For theatrical submissions, the new fees will apply to all works being viewed from 1 January 2018 onwards.