Published: 16th October 2017

BBFC introduces discount for pre-school video content


Following discussion with BASE and its members, we are pleased to announce a new 30% discount for children's pre-school content submitted for classification under the Video Recordings Act. The discount comes into effect on Monday 16 October 2017.

The basis for providing the 30% discount is that children's pre-school video content is the only content that is likely to be very straightforward to classify. This has allowed us to reduce the time we need to process the work, saving some internal cost that we can pass back to our customers.

This new discount further underlines the BBFC's responsiveness to customer needs and our commitment to providing the industry with an efficient and cost-effective service.

What qualifies as pre-school content?

Pre-school content is that which, in our view, is suitable primarily for children under the age of five.

How do I request the pre-school discount?

To indicate that your submission is pre-school content, simply tick the 'pre-school content' flag on the submission form. Subject to our compliance team verifying that the content is pre-school, we will apply the 30% discount. If we deem the content not to be suitable primarily for children under the age of five, we will remove the flag and apply the standard fee.

Can my work qualify for other discounts at the same time?

Please note that, in the event that a submission qualifies for other discounts, only the largest discount will apply.

If you have any queries, please contact us on or 020 7440 0299 and we will be happy to help.