Published: 2nd February 2012

BBFC Introduces Digital Packaging Submissions


The BBFC is pleased to announce a new digital process for VPRC (packaging) submissions. From Monday 6th February 2012, customers will be able to submit packaging via their Extranet account by completing an online packaging submission form and uploading a PDF copy of the sleeve. This service improvement will speed up the approval process and reduce your paper/postage costs. To realise the benefits as quickly as possible, we expect you to start using the digital process straight away, and to that end, we will be phasing out paper VPRC submissions over the next 6 months with the final cut off point being 31st July 2012.

The technical specifications are;

  • File Format - PDF
  • File Size Limit - 10MB per file
  • Attachment Limit - 5 files per submission

I also attach a website link to the Board's labelling guidance which reminds customers of their legal obligations for labelling DVDs;- Labelling Guidance

I hope you find this service improvement useful and if you have any questions on this, or any other BBFC service, please email us.