Published: 29th September 2012

BBFC Extranet Enhancement


I am pleased to announce that there will be several enhancements made to the BBFC extranet that will go live on Monday 1st October.

Improvements will be made in the areas of user administration as well as response times when browsing or searching the extranet. In a further change, we will launch a remodelled video submission process that lays the groundwork for a trial of fully digital submissions in the coming months (I have emailed Video customers separately today with details of the revised video submission process (Single Asset Classification – SAC)).

Improved User Administration

Customers will manage their own extranet accounts with the main BBFC contact becoming the ‘company administrator’. This role will provide the ability to edit your company information and add or remove extranet users for your company without contacting the BBFC’s IT Helpdesk. This user can elevate the other accounts associated with that company to administrators as they see fit. Customers that need to change the default company administrator should contact

Faster Browsing Response Times

Response times will be much improved for customers browsing their works in progress and also when searching their catalogue titles.

For the upgrade to happen, the extranet will be unavailable over most of the coming weekend (29th/30th September) but we expect full availability again by Monday morning. Customers should note when logging on to the extranet that you will be prompted with a new login screen rather than the pop up alert you will have been prompted with before. You may have to re-enter your password if you have previously relied on the web browser saving it for you. If you are in need of a password reminder at this point, please contact the with your name and e-mail address and we will send one to you.

Upon logging in, you will notice a new “User Profile” option in the left hand menu. Please check and update if necessary your contact details including your e-mail address. This will allow you to get a password reminder without having to contact the IT Helpdesk in the future and at a later date, allow you to configure some default options for submissions and opt in/out of e-mail notifications. Customers that submit on the behalf of more than one company should use the e-mail address for their primary company as their contact e-mail address.

I do hope you find the new enhancements useful and if you have any queries, feedback or suggestions for further improvements, please contact