Published: 19th November 2010

BBFC Announces Fee Reduction on '2D' & '3D Anaglyphic' Video Works


Following a proposal from the BVA and its members, I am pleased to announce a reduction in the cost of classifying content identical 2D or 3D anaglyphic* versions of 3D stereoscopic works. From Monday 22nd November, subject to the customer accepting the category of a 3D stereoscopic version first, the content identical 2D or 3D anaglyphic version will be processed as a '3D/2D technical comparison' and attain the same category. The charge will be the standard comparison rate of £225 + vat.

The Online Submission Interface and Video Submission Form will carry the '3D/2D technical comparison' option from this date. Please note the reduced rate will only apply if the 3D stereoscopic version is submitted and approved first. Should the 2D or 3D anaglyphic version be approved first, the 3D stereoscopic version will be examined and charged at the standard tariff because the enhanced visual experience retains the potential to receive a more restrictive classification.

The option to have the 2D or 3D anaglyphic classified separately remains should you be seeking a lower classification. This cost saving further underlines the BBFC's commitment to its customers in providing the most efficient service possible within the framework of the Video Recordings Act.

*3D anaglyphic is the red eye/blue eye 3D which has less visual impact than the new 3D stereoscopic which carries the potential of a higher classification.