Published: 13th July 2012

Adverts service announcement: Ad submission forms & certificates to go digital-only


Following a positive customer response to the introduction of online submission forms, we will no longer accept paper submission forms for advertisements from 8 October 2012.

At that point all submissions should be made via your extranet account, which provides a much quicker and easier way to submit works. At the same time, a further efficiency improvement will see paper certificates discontinued and replaced with electronic versions. Once your work has been classified a PDF copy will be available from your extranet account.

This change has a number of advantages: - certificates available immediately upon classification - no delay from posting certificates - access to past certificates - environmentally friendly To benefit from these changes, extranet access is essential.

If you haven't already, please sign up for an extranet account as soon as possible by contacting

If you have any questions relating to these service improvements, please email or call 020 7440 0299.