Published: 26th March 2015

4DX Exhibition of Theatrical Films


The Film Distributors’ Association recently asked us whether we would have to classify a 4DX exhibition of a film separately from, and in addition to, the regular 2D version of the film.

Having taken legal advice and carried out a test screening in the 4DX cinema in Milton Keynes, we have concluded that a 4DX exhibition will not require a separate submission and classification from the regular classified DCP version of the film.

The 4DX DCP is identical to the regular DCP that we will have classified in the usual way. So, unlike a 3D or IMAX version of a 2D film, 4DX does not involve a different version of the film. In a 4DX exhibition, the classified DCP plays in parallel with a file containing instructions to release to each seat, for example, a spray of water, a smell (of coffee, flowers, burning rubber), a jet of air, a movement to the seat. We have concluded that we do not need to classify this in-chair experience.

This appears to be the conclusion reached in other territories. There are 4DX screens in over 30 countries worldwide, including the US, Switzerland, most of Eastern Europe and several Asian countries including Japan and South Korea. In none of those countries is the 4DX experience classified separately or differently.

If you have any queries about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the Customer Helpline ( or 020 7440 0299).