Published: 16th August 2023

Dive into the thrilling world of sharks!

Dive into the thrilling world of sharks with our handpicked list of films! From family-friendly adventures to heart-pounding horror, there's something for everyone in this collection of jaw-dropping shark movies. Get ready for a fin-tastic movie marathon that'll leave you on the edge of your seat!

Shark Tale

Contains mild comic violence and scary moments

When the son of a shark mob boss is found dead, a young fish tries to take advantage of the fact he was found at the scene of the crime. Mild scary scenes and violence are unlikely to disturb even young children.


There are some scenes of mild violence, including a character being stung by jellyfish. However, the violence is undetailed and there is no emphasis on pain or injury.

Threat and horror

There are a few scenes in which sharks circle and bear down on other characters, displaying their sharp teeth.


There is some very mild bad language, including 'butt', 'hell' and 'heck'.


There are some mild sex references, including a reference to 'feeling lucky' during mating season and a comment that is comically misconstrued when a character says "I want some of that!".

Rude humour

There is some mild rude humour, relating to burping, breaking wind and 'whale poo'.

Alcohol and tobacco

In a comic scene, live shrimp are seen in a 'cocktail'.


There is a sad scene in which a character's funeral is shown.

Soul Surfer

Contains a shark attack scene and mild emotional upset


moderate injury detail, threat

When a shark terrorises the people of a US coastal resort, it's up to the local police chief to hunt the animal down. Scary scenes and gory images may be too intense for younger children.

For an intriguing exploration of the classification history of this Steven Spielberg blockbuster, check out episode 38 of the BBFC podcast.

Threat and horror

There are a number of sequences in which people are attacked by the shark. The sequences are sustained and intense and occur within a recognisable real world setting. In one scene a man is eaten by a shark and coughs up blood as the shark bites into him.


There is use of mild bad language, including 'shit', 'damned', 'God', 'Christ', 'bastards', 'goddamn', 'son of a bitch', 'crap', 'frigging', 'ass', 'screw around' and 'bloody'.


There is sight of young people smoking marijuana joints.

Injury detail

There is sight of the aftermath of shark attacks, including sight of severed limbs and a severed head with an empty eye socket.


There is sight of breast nudity when a naked woman swims, before being attacked by the shark.

Alcohol and tobacco

People are seen smoking, in keeping with the age of the film.

Meg 2: The Trench

moderate threat, violence, bloody images, rude gestures

A crew of oceanographers venture into uncharted territory and investigate a shady criminal operation amid threats from giant prehistoric sharks. This action-packed sequel contains fast-paced chase scenes and fights.


Scenes of moderate action violence include large explosions, undetailed shootings, heavy blows and use of improvised weapons. Giant sharks devour boats of people. In one scene, a character uses a large ragged piece of metal to stab a shark, resulting in bloody injury detail.

Threat and horror

Characters are chased and attacked by ferocious aquatic dinosaurs and relentless prehistoric sharks. During one scene, characters face additional danger from low oxygen levels and a woman’s helmet implodes, however, this lacks any visual detail.


There is use of the middle finger gesture. Mild bad language occurs ('ass', 'bastard', 'piss', 'bloody', 'son of a bitch'), as well as very mild bad language ('hell', 'damn').


There is a visual reference to condoms. However, this is comic, brief and undetailed.

Injury detail

Dead bodies are shown lying on the ground, including the body of a man wearing a bloodstained vest.

Sexual violence and sexual threat

A man makes a brief inappropriate remark to a woman on a beach. His behavior is negatively presented and immediately condemned.

The Shallows

sustained threat, bloody injury detail

The Shallows is a US horror thriller in which a young surfer becomes trapped off shore when a great white shark strays into the waters.

Threat and horror

There is a sustained sense of threat throughout much of the film, as characters are attacked by a shark, stranded at sea and left exposed to the elements.

Injury detail

Occasional scenes of strong injury detail, including focus on a large bloody wound in a woman's leg following a shark attack.

There is infrequent use of strong language ('f**k').


Contains occasional strong gore and moderate threat


Infrequent scenes of strong gore occur in which humans are attacked by sharks, including a scene in which a shark bites a man's arm off resultant sight of blood.

There is occasional use of mild bad language.