Published: 15th March 2024

Treasure hunting films for young adventurers

The concept of an ‘X’ on a map and the thrill of hidden treasure has inspired films and TV shows across the globe. Check out this list of films to watch with your family, all with U, PG or 12 age ratings.

From classics like National Treasure to more recent releases like Uncharted, take a look at our curated list of family-friendly films featuring epic treasure hunts – all rated U, PG or 12.


very mild threat, violence, rude humour

A family of ducks leave the safety of home to fly South for the winter in this colourful, comic animated film. Although some scenes are briefly scary, there are reassuring outcomes. A short Minions cartoon precedes the film.


Sequences include a duck biting a man's nose and birds throwing and shooting fruit and vegetables at a chef.

Threat and horror

There are scenes of threat in which a family of ducks and other animals are chased by a knife-wielding chef, caught in nets and storms, almost trodden on by dancers, and in one sequence they fear they will be eaten by two aging herons. Although some sequences are tense with scary moments, there are reassuring outcomes and moments of comedy throughout.


There is a use of 'heck'.

Rude humour

A young bird gets paranoid about pooping while flying, and being seen while she does her business in some bushes. A bird teases her older brother when his attempts at talking to a girl fail, saying she is sorry he won't get to "make babies" with her". There is a slight play on words as a pigeon apologises to some ducks for "busting your bills".

Dangerous behaviour

A duck accidentally inhales helium from a balloon, inflating and then talking in a squeaky voice.

Flashing/flickering lights

This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

Muppet Treasure Island

mild comic violence and sex references

Muppet Treasure Island is a Muppet adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel, Treasure Island.


mild fantasy threat

Live action remake of the Disney animated film, based on the Arabian Nights, in which a young thief is granted three wishes by a genie. Some scenes may be too intense for the youngest children.


There is a scene in which a man in thrown into a well. We do not see what happens to him.

Threat and horror

There are some threatening scenes, including characters escaping from a collapsing cave and a man being pushed into water from a high window. Some of the genie characters may be threatening to younger children, although viewers soon realise the genies are not dangerous.


There is use of very mild bad language in a song ('hell').

The Road To El Dorado

mild bad language, threat, scary scenes

The Road To El Dorado is an animated comedy adventure from 2000 in which two young rogues find themselves in the fabled city of gold.


There is mild bad language ('crappy') and very mild bad language including uses of 'hell', 'damn' and God'. There is also some comic wordplay when a character in a small boat sees a much larger vessel bearing down on him and exclaims, 'Holy ship'!

Threat and horror

Characters are placed in danger at sea, or are swept along on a torrent of water raging through tunnels under a city and are buffeted against the tunnel walls. In other scenes, a carving of a gigantic jaguar is brought to life and rampages through a city, stomping on people and picking them up in its mouth, and a man is threatened with being thrown off a ledge into a whirlpool. There are also mildly scary moments, such as the discovery of skeletons on a beach and when an evil character transforms himself into snakes, rats and spiders.

There is very mild comic suggestiveness as a female character performs a swaying dance and makes eyes at her love interest, with the pair then engaging in some kissing and shoulder-rubbing.

National Treasure

mild action violence and peril

National Treasure is an action film in which a historian races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries.

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

mild threat, rude humour

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold is a US adventure film in which an intrepid teenager and her classmates set off on a mission to rescue her parents.

Threat and horror

Scenes of mild threat include ones in which teenagers are shot at with arrows, become stuck in quicksand, and are caught in booby traps in an ancient temple. No one is injured and the scenes focus on the heroes' resourcefulness and teamwork.

Rude humour

Sequences of toilet humour include jokes about 'poo' and fart noises. There are also infrequent comic references to animals mating.

A scene shows people hallucinating after accidentally inhaling fantastical plant spores. Other issues include very mild scenes of bullying, slapstick violence and very mild bad language (eg 'freaking', 'butt', 'what the flip').

Finding 'Ohana

injury detail, crude humour, language, threat, emotionally intense scenes

On Oʻahu for the summer, two siblings from Brooklyn connect with their Hawaiian heritage – and their family – on a daring quest for long-lost treasure.


moderate violence

A roguish fortune hunter recruits a pickpocket on a treasure-hunting adventure, with big action set pieces and a similar tone to the NATIONAL TREASURE and INDIANA JONES movie franchises.


There are swordfights, gunfights and fistfights, including the use of improvised weapons such as bottles and flaming alcohol. In one sequence a man's throat is cut, with brief sight of blood resulting.

Threat and horror

There are frequent scenes of threat within action sequences, including people falling from heights and almost drowning in underground chambers. A woman threatens people with a knife, and there are scenes of gun threat.


Language is mild ('shit', 'crap', 'son of a bitch', 'piss', 'bastard', 'ass', 'God', 'damn', 'Jesus' and 'hell').


There are infrequent mild sex references.

The Lost City

moderate violence, brief bloody images, sex references, language

The Lost CIty is a romantic comedy in which a novelist and her cover model find themselves embroiled in an adventure on a remote island, after an abduction goes awry.


There is moderate bad language ('slut'), and milder terms including 'shit', 'crap', 'dick' and 'asshole'.


There are moderate verbal sex references and innuendo.


Scenes of violence are moderate, and are balanced by a comic tone. They include exchanges of punches and kicks, gunfire, choking, blows to the head, and a man being set on fire. In one scene, a man is shot, with blood spurting onto another man's clothing and face. During the ensuing comic dialogue, he claims there is brain matter on his face.

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny

moderate violence, threat, injury detail

The intrepid archaeologist must race to prevent a resurgent Nazi menace from claiming an artifact that could change history. Those familiar with the series will not be surprised by the violence and threat.


There are gunfights which sometimes result in characters being shot dead, as well as occasional spearings. Hand-to-hand fighting includes punches, kicks, knees, shoves and strangling. There are scenes of sword-fighting and undetailed wartime violence which involves heavy gunfire and explosions.

Threat and horror

There are sequences in which characters escape precarious situations such as crashing vehicles, burning buildings and infested tunnels. There is gun and knife threat, with characters taken captive by villainous figures. Nazi soldiers attempt to execute a man by hanging him.


There is mild bad language ('crap', 'bugger', 'piss') along with milder terms such as 'God', 'hell', 'damn' and 'Jesus'.


A villainous Nazi character displays racist attitudes when talking to a black man.

Injury detail

A dead body is bloody and burnt. There is occasional blood in the aftermath of gunshot wounds and other violence. Some scenes show dead bodies and centuries-old skeletons.


There are brief references to a man's obsession having a damaging impact upon his mental health. Characters talk about grieving lost loved ones.

Alcohol and tobacco

People drink and smoke.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Contains moderate horror and action violence

Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl is a fantasy adventure in which a young woman is captured by pirates searching for a piece of treasure to lift a terrible curse.


A pirate crew are revealed to be zombie-like creatures in the moonlight, with decomposing, skeletal bodies. However, the horror elements are often offset by scenes of action and humour.


There are frequent action scenes, including gunfights, cannon battles between ships, and sword fights. Blood and injury detail is limited throughout.

Language includes use of 'damn', 'bloody' and 'bastard'.