BBFC Youth Panel's Haunted Halloween Takeover

In this episode, our BBFC Youth Panel chat about the scary movie moments that frightened them the most when they were young. From Toy Story 3 to Coraline, find out what family films from the noughties kept Gen Z up at night.

Across a six month period, the Youth Panel has been responsible for scripting, editing, hosting, and promoting the podcast, with the members themselves spearheading the initial ideation and overseeing its development into a finalised product for launch, ahead of Halloween.

In this 112th podcast episode, listeners are given the exclusive opportunity to hear from the BBFC Youth Panel members as they reveal the scary children’s films they watched when growing up which turned into pure nightmare fuel. They humorously reminisce and anecdotally recall these pivotal viewing moments, discovering newfound connections through shared experiences. Meanwhile, they explore whether the scenes in question demonstrate filmmakers thinking creatively about the limits of what they can show at younger age categories, or if it was really too soon for face-melting curses and soul-snatching monsters. 

The BBFC podcast is designed to provide parents, educators, caregivers and film fans with insider information about our age ratings, and what they can expect to see if they watch the films with their family. This episode also gives young people the opportunity to reflect on the films they watched when they were younger which left them with goosebumps.

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