Whodunnit? Murder mystery film classification quiz!


Was it Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the library? Or Mrs Peacock with the dagger in the study?

There’s no doubt that we love a good ‘whodunnit’. Put your murder mystery film classification knowledge to the test, and see how you score in our latest quiz. 

So, whodunnit?

Question 1:

Which 1980s whodunnit it, which now has a cult following, was originally rated PG in 1986 and retained it’s certificate when it was resubmitted in 2013?

Question 2:

For which 1980s feature film is the BBFC Examiner referring to in their report about the accompanying audio commentary: “...the writers and the VFX supervisor talking about how they achieved the effects, how brilliant *** ******* was, and how you'll never get Warner Bros and Disney characters on the same screen again.”

Question 3:

Which does not appear in the content advice for Rian Johnson’s 2019 Knives Out?

Question 4:

TRUE OR FALSE: Agatha Christie’s The Witness For the Prosecution, featuring Kim Catrall, Toby Jones, David Haig and Paul Reedy, is rated 15.

Question 5:

Which film is this Examiner referring to in their report: “Needless to say, the highlight of the work is the exploration of the sophisticated and intriguing human relationships found in the English class system rather than any corporal pleasure that can be derived from sensationalised treatment of sex and violence.”

Question 6:

Which star studded Agatha Christie adaptation features the following content advice: ‘Scenes of violence include stabbings, kicks and punches, and a man being hit over the head with the butt of a pistol.’

Question 7:

TRUE OR FALSE: Both the 1974 and 2017 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express are rated PG.

Question 8:

Which film-noir was originally rated A in 1941, and then subsequently rated PG in 2021 for a release?

Question 9:

Which Hitchcock 1950s murder mystery has been rated four times for cinema release; originally rated A, and then each time subsequently PG (in 1983, 2000 and 2012).

Question 10:

Which 1950s thriller is this Examiner referring to in their report: ‘Film re-release… about ...what a bad idea it is to talk to a stranger… especially when one is mad and thinks you've agreed to kill his father if he kills your wife.”