How Do You Solve A Problem Like Classification? The Big BBFC Musical Quiz!


Do you know every single word to 'This Is Me?' Can you belt out 'You're The One That I Want' at the top of your lungs? If you're into musical films, then put your knowledge to the test with our latest quiz.

Musical Quiz

Have you got what it takes to score 10/10 on our musical quiz?

Question 1:

True or False: Hairspray (1988) and the subsequent remake (2007) are both rated PG.

Question 2:

Which musical was rated A in 1978, despite Examiners noting that the language used in the film was potentially questionable at this category, but deciding the overall light touch in its handling of teenage romance, as well as the musical context, would appeal to youngsters.

Question 3:

Which U rated 1980s musical was described by Examiners as having 'sequences ... which aim at suspense and excitement', which are 'perhaps initially scary for children, but it soon debriefs them with humour and explanation'. Examiners ultimately concluded: 'Although spooky, we have never denied children the right to be deliriously scared'.

Question 4:

Which PG rated musical is the first feature film from a director who would go on to make Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman?

Question 5:

Which Disney animated film - featuring some iconic songs - was shown to a small group of 22 children and their parents, before it was ultimately rated U?

Question 6:

Which musical was described by The Guardian as ‘...the kinkiest film to receive a U rating’?

Question 7:

Which musical film has the content advice: ‘Scenes of mild threat include people running out of a burning building. A man runs back into the building to rescue someone. He escapes with mild injuries just as it collapses, having saved the person's life.’

Question 8:

Which actor connects 12A/12 rated The Prom and PG rated Mamma Mia?

Question 9:

Which musical comedy, with a memorable doctor character, was originally rated AA but is now rated 12A?

Question 10:

Which 1990s musical is rated 12 for theatrical release but has an audio commentary version that is rated 15 for home entertainment?