Pulp Fact. The Great Big BBFC 90s Film Quiz!


Pulp Fact. The Great Big BBFC 90s Film Quiz!

It's time to flex your 90s film knowledge, and take on our ultimate classification quiz. From Crash, to Pulp Fiction and Four Weddings And A Funeral... test your age ratings knowledge today.

Question 1:

Which sweary romantic comedy, from 1994, reached a 15 classification within the first 90 seconds with fourteen uses of the F word?

Question 2:

True or False: Despite close similarities to 1994’s The Lion King the 2019 remake does NOT share its predecessor’s U certificate?

Question 3:

Of these 18-rated films of the 1990s, one has subsequently been reclassified to 15. Which is it?

Question 4:

What is the missing word from this BBFC report? Viewing JURASSIC PARK with some 200 [?????] children was quite an experience. Were they really afraid? Well, not really I suspect. [?????] is part of the release mechanism of enjoying being a bit frightened.

Question 5:

Which of these did NOT feature in the content advice for 1997’s Titanic when last submitted in 2012?

Question 6:

Which controversial thriller was banned in Westminster, after the BBFC rated it 18 following consultations with a QC, a psychologist and a focus group?

Question 7:

All of the following nineties comedies are currently rated PG, except for one which is a 12 for moderate sex references. Which is it?

Question 8:

For which 90s film does the BBFC offer the following note in the content advice: 'During the climax, a character turns into a large cobra.'

Question 9:

To which 1999 film did the BBFC require cuts to two sequences of sadistic violence before awarding an 18 certificate?

Question 10:

Under 1999 policy relating to weapons, the BBFC required cuts to which film?