Expecto-CLASSIFICATION! The Great Big BBFC 00s Film Quiz!


Expecto-CLASSIFICATION! The Great Big BBFC 00s Film Quiz!

It's time to flex your 00s film knowledge, and take on our ultimate classification quiz. From Harry Potter to Shaun of the Dead and Wall-e... test your age ratings knowledge today.

Question 1:

Which film from the decade garnered an exceptionally high 42% of all complaints to the BBFC in the year of its release?

Question 2:

Which 15-rated film from the decade did BBFC examiners acknowledge contains “an 18 moment” when a character named David is torn apart?

Question 3:

Of which film from the decade did a BBFC examiner write... “The ecological message is loud and clear: Earth must be saved, and it’s a great message to send out to children.”

Question 4:

The content advice for which 12A film from the decade merited the inclusion of “intense battle scenes”.

Question 5:

Of which animation from the decade does the BBFC warn in its content advice that there are scenes of threat involving “a character encountering bouncing heads”?

Question 6:

As the characters of the Harry Potter films grew older, the issues within the films became darker. But which was the first in the franchise to be rated 12A rather than PG?

Question 7:

A trailer for which 12A film caused complaints over drug references and a middle finger gesture when it was shown in front of children's films?

Question 8:

Daniel Day-Lewis made four films across the decade, but only one of them is rated 18. Which is it?

Question 9:

True or False: 2004's The Incredibles and 2018's The Incredibles 2 are both classified PG.

Question 10:

For which film of the decade does the BBFC offer the following note in the content advice? “A character’s finger is bitten off, with subsequent sight of blood on his hand but no graphic detail.”