With the BFI celebration of ‘The Genius of Hitchcock’ continuing through a variety of screenings and events until October, and Vertigo topping their critics’ poll of  ‘The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time’, today we publish the cuts list for a Hitchcock film that put many folks off taking a shower; Psycho.

Unsuspecting Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) encounters the twisted world of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and his ‘Mother’ whilst on the run with her boss’ money in the 1960 film, which was cut for an X certificate. It was the famous bathroom scene that concerned the BBFC Examiners and the cuts list notes several shots that they asked to be removed, including “all shots of her breasts or navel” and a reduction in the “sounds” of the attack. Psycho was released on video, uncut, in 1986 with a 15 certificate and it remains at that category still.

Originally posted August 3rd, 2012.