Footloose also stars Kevin Bacon as Ren, the teenage firebrand looking to kick off his Sunday shoes, who challenged Rev. Moore and his 'system' which had banned dancing and rock 'n' roll in the small U.S. town of Bomont. 

The film was submitted to the BBFC for classification in February 1984. UIP hoped to receive a PG certificate, but the mix of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll wasn't just an issue for Rev. Moore and co. The BBFC examiners noted scenes of violence, sex references and drug use in the reports published here, and recommended that Footloose required a 15 certificate.  UIP was adamant it wanted a PG  and so the BBFC provided a list of six cuts which would make the film suitable for PG.  UIP removed all the moments in question - a total of 2 minutes and 48 seconds of footage - and the BBFC duly classified the film PG. 

In 2002 the full uncut Footloose was classified 15 for a DVD release, and it remains at 15 on DVD/Blu-ray. A theatrical re-release of the film (uncut) in 2007 was passed 12A.