Carry On Camping


As temperatures soar it tempts many of us to dust off the camping equipment and hit the open road, just like the Carry On cast in their 1969 outing Carry On Camping

Sid (Sidney James) and Bernie (Bernard Bresslaw) are planning to take their girlfriends Joan (Joan Sim) and Anthea (Dilys Laye) to a nudist camp, having been inspired by a film they see while on a date at the cinema. However 'Paradise', the nudist camp of the film and their dreams, is far from the reality of the campsite they end up visiting, run by wily farmer Josh Fiddler (Peter Butterworth).

Carry On Camping is the seventeenth film in the Carry On series, and was the highest grossing film in the UK in 1969. The BBFC received the film for classification in December 1968. The examiners highlighted several lines of dialogue as problematic, and issued cuts to the distributor as noted in the list we publish here. In addition to these cuts the examiners flagged a remark by Doctor Soaper (Kenneth Williams) - "you won't find me stuffing your turkey" - as a possible cut. This cut was waived, however, when director Gerald Thomas explained that it would be difficult technically to remove the line as it features within a master shot. With the other alterations made the BBFC agreed that this line could remain.

The examiners also questioned the film which appears in the opening cinema scene as, if not an authentic nudist film, "it may have to come out". Gerald Thomas informed the Board that the footage was taken from the film Nudist Paradise, which the BBFC passed A in 1959 (albeit with a different audio commentary), so there were no further issues.

Carry On Camping was passed A, with cuts, in January 1969. It has remained at PG for video and DVD release since 1986.