Published: 11th May 2022

Statement on The Conservative Woman website

The BBFC Mobile Classification Framework enables Mobile Operators to restrict access to internet and commercial content that is unsuitable for people under the age of 18. It is applied by the mobile networks to restrict access by children using mobile internet services to any website that would be classified 18 under the Framework. 

The Mobile Classification Framework is a living document that we update regularly to reflect evolving societal attitudes and concerns identified through our research. It is based on our Classification Guidelines which are the result of wide-scale consultations with people from across the UK, extensive research, and more than 100 years of experience. To ensure that the system is accountable and transparent, we offer a free appeals procedure that is open to all, the results of which we publish in full every quarter on our website. 

We received a request to review the categorisation of The Conservative Woman website and having completed the review of the content, we concluded that the website does contain material that we would rate at least 18 and requires placing behind adult filters. 

While the views expressed in the main pages of the website (outside of the comments section) may be subject to debate, and some people may disagree strongly with the positions of the articles and blogs, they were expressed within the spirit of providing a legitimate side to an argument.

However, we did find material across the comments section of the website that reflected discriminatory attitudes towards particular groups, including Muslims, Black people, and women. The comments advocated white supremacy and represented unbridled racism, sexism, and religious intolerance. Evidence of such comments can be provided upon request by contacting

Such comments are left unchallenged on the website and, therefore, are in breach of Part B of the Classification Framework which states that any 'Language or behaviour which attacks a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation and is not condemned' is likely to be considered suitable for adults only. It is the Content Provider’s responsibility to ensure that none of the content subject to the Classification Framework contains any illegal material.