Published: 2nd July 2020

New research reveals kids top 10 films during lockdown

Trolls (U) has topped a poll of feel good films being watched in lockdown by children aged 4 - 13, according to new research by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

  • Trolls (U) tops the polls of feel good films of lockdown, picked by children themselves

  • Playing outdoors has been kids favourite positive lockdown activity

  • Full list of films published on CBBFC, along with fun, free activities for children and families

The research, carried out by We Are Family and Panelbase to reflect on children’s experiences during lockdown, found that more than six in ten (62%) kids have watched happy and positive films to cheer themselves up. 

The top 10 films are revealed as; Trolls (U); Frozen (PG); The Boss Baby (U); The Greatest Showman (PG); The Lego Movie (U); Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (12); Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PG), Inside Out (U), Finding Nemo (U), Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse (PG). 

For children aged 4 - 11 Trolls is the favourite, but for older children, aged 12 and 13, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle came in first place.   

Faye Harcourt, Director of Marketing and Outreach at the BBFC, said: “Film and TV can be an excellent tool for families to use to get together and enjoy a shared experience. It can also act as a positive distraction for children, allowing them to take a break from their surroundings and explore different world views and experiences.

“That’s why we have been working to ensure that kids' voices are heard and, as the global pandemic continues, make sure that families and young people are getting the information they need to choose content well and to stay entertained.

The research also looked at other activities children were doing to keep positive during lockdown, with playing outdoors coming out top (64%). Kids have also been watching videos on YouTube (58%), gaming (54%), baking (43%) and doing arts and crafts (42%) to stay happy and positive. 

More than a third (34%) of children have been using apps - like FaceTime, HouseParty and Zoom - to talk to their friends. But older children were much more likely to keep in touch this way, with more than two in five (44%) saying they’ve been using apps to virtually hangout with friends. 

Maurice Wheeler, Managing Director of We Are Family who conducted the research, said: “During such an unusual time, it’s important to keep listening to your audience and in particular to capture the thoughts and feelings of children and young people. During lockdown children and families as a whole have turned to entertainment to keep themselves happy and positive, and also to bring the family unit together.”

The poll, carried out by Panelbase, surveyed 1,000 children aged 4 - 13, alongside their parents, and provided participants with a curated list of popular films rated U, PG and 12. Children were then asked to decide what film they would most likely watch when they needed cheering up. 

The full list is published on CBBFC, the BBFC’s dedicated children’s website, where families can find out everything they need to know about the films, including the age rating and ratings info. There are also a range of free activities and resources for kids based on the top 10 list, including ‘Movie Night With the BBFC’ packs, case studies and children can also have a go at rating a trailer. 

Watching films in lockdown

A poll of children's all time favourite feel good films to watch in lockdown

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