Published: 17th May 2021

New BBFC podcast celebrates the return of cinema

  • The latest episode of the BBFC Podcast covers a selection of child-friendly films for families to enjoy in May

  • Disney’s Cruella, Peter Rabbit 2, Nomadland and Godzilla Vs. Kong all discussed

  • Listen to the BBFC Podcast on Spotify, Soundcloud and the BBFC website 

Today, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has released a new podcast episode celebrating cinemas reopening in England, Scotland and Wales for the first time since November.

In the episode, BBFC Compliance Officers discuss how they classified the family-friendly films that are in cinemas now, focusing on U, PG and 12A rated releases.

Listeners can hear all about the new releases from the people who were involved in the classification process, including Disney’s Cruella, Peter Rabbit 2, Nomadland and Godzilla Vs. Kong, all of which are scheduled for theatrical release this May. The guests also discuss how these new films compare to previous stories about the well-known central characters, and which classification issues parents need to know about before taking their children back to the cinema.

With recent BBFC research showing that 92% of teens say they are planning on returning to the cinema once they open, the podcast also provides information for parents about measures that cinemas are putting in place to keep moviegoers safe including; reduced ticketing; increased cleaning and PPE; and mandatory masks. 

Faye Harcourt, Director of Marketing and Outreach at the BBFC, said: “We are delighted to see cinemas reopening after what has been a challenging time for the film industry as a whole. This podcast is all about the magic of the big screen and, as UK cinemagoers return in droves, evokes nostalgia about the cinema and those movie moments you’ll never forget. It can also act as a helpful guide for parents, as our guests outline everything they need to know about the options in cinemas this May, so that they can choose a film that’s right for them and their family.”

Listen to the BBFC Podcast on Spotify, Soundcloud and on the BBFC website now. The BBFC has also published a listicle of films that are due to be released in the upcoming month.