Published: 1st December 2020

Netflix first UK streaming service to achieve 100% coverage of trusted BBFC age ratings

● Netflix UK now carries BBFC age ratings on all films and TV shows. 
● Innovative industry partnership between regulator and streaming services brings UK families trusted age ratings and guidance. 
● Nine in 10 parents find BBFC age ratings on Netflix useful in helping them to choose content well for their family. 

Netflix is the first streaming service in the UK to carry a BBFC age rating on all TV seasons and feature films on the service, helping families choose content with confidence. 

The innovative partnership between a streaming service and the regulator, an industry first, has now reached the joint goal of 100% coverage of BBFC age ratings on the platform. This milestone has been welcomed by Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Digital and Culture. 

Netflix applies BBFC Guidelines standards to content, with the BBFC setting those standards and auditing ratings to ensure consistency. Netflix have now populated their entire catalogue of original and acquired content with BBFC age ratings, giving families in the UK trusted age rating guidance and advice. 

David Austin, Chief Executive of the BBFC, said: “With people spending increasing amounts of time online, it’s more important than ever for families to have clear, consistent advice on content so they can choose well. This innovative partnership with one of the biggest services in the UK has allowed us to do just that - and we’re delighted that Netflix’s entire UK catalogue now carries BBFC age ratings, which people know and trust. No matter what families choose to watch, they can watch with confidence.” 

Jessica Stansfield, Director of Ratings Policy and Compliance at Netflix, said: “We wanted our members to see the same trusted age ratings on our service as they recognise from cinema and DVD - to simplify the process of choosing content, however they watch. We’ve been working closely with the BBFC for nearly a decade now, and we’re excited that our partnership has moved to the next level. 

“BBFC age ratings are trusted in the UK, and together we’re now providing our members with the information they need. Our continuing partnership with the BBFC allows us to ensure our members always press play on content that is right for them and their families."

According to recent BBFC research, nearly nine in ten (88%) of parents find BBFC age ratings on Netflix useful in helping them to choose content well for their family.

Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Digital and Culture, said: "This government is committed to ensuring new technology is safe for everyone to enjoy and we are keen to see online platforms doing all they can to protect children.

“Putting the BBFC's trusted ratings on all shows and films on Netflix will help parents and young people make the right choices to avoid age-inappropriate content. I welcome this partnership and urge more streaming services to take similar steps.”

Families can now choose content safe in the knowledge that everything they press play on is rated to trusted, high BBFC standards. Netflix’s parental controls are also powered by BBFC data. Netflix has also improved its parental controls based on BBFC data and member feedback. Parents can now: 

  • pin protect individual profiles to prevent kids using them;

  • tailor their kids Netflix experience by filtering out titles that are not appropriate for their age based on BBFC ratings;   

  •  remove individual series or films by title. When this filter is used, the blocked title(s) won’t show up anywhere in that profile. 

  • easily review each profile’s setting using the “Profile and Parental Controls” hub within account settings; 

  • see what their kids have been watching within the profile created for them; and

  • turn off auto play of episodes in kids profiles.  

David Austin added: “We hope that others will follow Netflix's lead and provide comprehensive, trusted, well understood age ratings and ratings info, consistent with film and DVD, on their UK platforms. Our research shows a great demand for consistent age ratings, with 94% of parents saying it's important to have consistent ratings across all video on demand platforms, rather than a variety of bespoke ratings systems. That’s why we’re committed to working in partnership with the industry to ensure that families in the UK get the age rating guidance and advice that we know they need, and want.” 

John Adams, dad of two and blogger at Dad Blog UK, said: “I feel this is a great achievement from Netflix and the BBFC, because viewing habits have changed significantly over the last decade. As a family we are more likely to sit down and watch a film together at home than go to the cinema, all the more so during the Coronavirus pandemic when opportunities to get out are limited for all families. It’s very reassuring to know that every film and TV series on the platform carries a trusted BBFC age rating.”     

Jodie Fisher, mum of three and blogger at, said : “As a mum of three little girls, I think it’s important to be conscious of age ratings, as it’s all too easy to just click on a film because it looks suitable for your family, or even yourself, then figure out it isn’t. I’m really pleased to see Netflix have reached this milestone, and now has BBFC age ratings on all their content - it certainly makes me feel much more confident when choosing what to watch with my family.”