Published: 30th January 2020

BBFC Podcast celebrates 100th episode with renowned film critic Mark Kermode

For their 100th podcast, the BBFC have teamed up with film critic, journalist and host of BBC’s Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, Mark Kermode, for a very special episode.

  • The episode is the first in a series of “In conversation with…” podcasts
  • The series showcases an honest discussion between regulator and industry about film classification
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Listeners can enjoy an open discussion between Mark and the BBFC’s Head of Compliance, Craig Lapper, as they delve into Mark’s relationship with film classification and the BBFC over his 30 year career.

In the episode, the two discuss how the BBFC has changed over the years and how the role of the content regulator has evolved to what it is today. The podcast gives insider information about the inner workings of film classification in the UK and discusses famous BBFC Directors throughout the years, video censorship under the Video Recordings Act 1984 and renowned "video nasties".

The two also discuss the classification decisions for recent film releases such as Jojo Rabbit (2019) and 1917 (2019), alongside historic decisions of Mark’s favourite horror films including The Exorcist (1973) and The Last House on the Left (1972).

Craig Lapper, Head of Compliance at the BBFC, said: “We were very pleased to have Mark join us on the 100th episode of the BBFC podcast to talk about all things film classification. In the episode, I ask Mark about how his perception of the BBFC has changed and pose the question of how often he thinks the BBFC get’s classification decisions right.”

“This provides an interesting and honest conversation about the way classification has changed in the UK and what it means for people today.”

Mark Kermode said: “I was delighted to be invited onto the BBFC podcast to celebrate their 100th episode. Throughout the years, the BBFC's role has changed dramatically, and it was fantastic to sit down with Craig and discuss their transformation. As it exists today, I am a big supporter of the BBFC and consider them the most transparent and responsible content regulator in the world. 

“In the podcast, we had the opportunity to discuss a wide array of films, providing interesting insider knowledge and a look at how film classification has changed over the years. If you are interested in film and how the BBFC makes its decisions, this is a great podcast to tune into.”

This marks the start of the BBFC’s In conversation with… podcast series, which will see the content regulator sitting down with big industry names to discuss their relationship with the BBFC and classification in the film industry.

Listen to the series on the BBFC podcast on Spotify, Soundcloud and on the BBFC website.