Published: 19th November 2019

BBFC launch Parents’ Guide to Age Ratings

The BBFC has launched a Parents’ Guide to Age Ratings, to help all parents and carers understand age ratings and explain them to the children they care for.

  • Detailed guide explaining what age ratings are, how they are decided and what the category defining issues are
  • Designed to help parents and carers discuss content with their children, so they can choose well and view what’s right for them
  • Free to download, available online or on the BBFC app

The detailed guide explains what age ratings are, how they are decided and what the category defining issues are the BBFC looks out for - including dangerous behaviour, discrimination, drugs, language, nudity and sex, sexual violence, threat, horror and violence. 

Launched to mark the BBFC’s new look age rating symbols, the guide also explains general considerations of the BBFC, for example context, theme, tone and impact. The new age rating symbols are, for the first time, designed for digital streaming platforms - a move which will give young people better and consistent guidance about film and TV content, enabling them to make conscious decisions about what they watch.

Lucy Brett, Head of Education for the BBFC said: “We know that for young children’s own sense of wellbeing, for their healthy development, and for parents’ and carers’ peace of mind - choosing well is crucial. Age ratings are an important way to help. 

“That’s why we’ve launched our Parents Guide to Age Ratings. We want to help more parents and carers have frank discussions with their children about what content is right for them, and how they can choose well in an online world. Film, video and websites can make a huge difference in our lives and, like families across the country, we want that difference to be a positive one, especially for young children and teens.” 

Designed to help parents navigate content and help their families choose well, the Parents’ Guide to Age Ratings is free to download, and also available on the BBFC app.